The Asian Captive Elephant Working Group was formed in 2015 by a group of elephant specialists, veterinarians, researchers, camp managers and conservationists to address the current situation for captive elephants in the tourism industry in SE ASIA.


The 1st meeting 11-12th June 2015
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

The 2nd meeting 9-10th November 2015
at Wildlife Reserve Singapore, Singapore

The 3rd meeting 20-21st June 2016
at Anantara Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The 4th  meeting 5-6th June 2017
Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, Chiang Rai

The 5th  meeting 22-23rd January 2018
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai

The 6th  meeting 18-20th November 2018
at The Elephant Conservation Centre Lao PDR

The 7th  meeting 23rd January 2019
at Avani hotel, Bangkok

Captive Elephant welfare initiative

        Elephants in captivity are an ethical concern in the tourism industry. The rapid growth in tourism’s demand for interaction with elephants across Asia coupled with inadequate government regulations has resulted of poor treatment of these animals in many of the elephant facilities. Other facilities however are working in compliance with the best achievable practices in close partnership with elephant experts and universities. One problem is that there are no internationally accepted standards or assessment systems available for ensuring good elephant welfare. So, the Elephant Camp Animal Welfare Standard and Assessment Initiative aims to recognize the better camps and to motivate those not yet complying towards better animal welfare.

 Information meeting for Thai Elephant camp owners and managers (August 2017)

Animal welfare auditor and advisor training (Chiang Mai, August 2017)