Elephant breeding management project is one of the major projects of Elephant Research and Education Center. Due to currently the Asain elephant population is dramatically decreasing and will also face the inbreeding problem in the nearly future. As this consequence, EREC aims to improve breeding management especially in the elephant camps which elephant population seems to limit in only one place. Not only to decrease inbreeding problem that we have acheived from properly breeding management, also breeding efficacy of each elephant that could be gained. Elephant Research and Education Center provides various services about elephant reproduction, including; physical assessment before breeding, estrous cycle monitoring for female elephant, semen evaluation for male elephant, pregnancy test and also paturition date predictation. Additionally, hormone analysis is preformed to assess the sex hormone level in each cycle while ultrasonography is preformed to confirm the pregnancy together with progesterone level. We are hopefully that this management could improve the elephant conservation in Thailand.

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