Elephant Research and Education Center has highly concerned about elephant diseases as currently there are many factors that could stimulate the disease development such as global warming, climate change and improper management. Previously, we did the research about elephant tusk to demostrate basic anatomy of elephant tusk, the type of tusk abnormalities that were found in Thailand and their treatment.

Currently, we co-operate with many organizations to conduct the research about elephant diseases, to hopefully that the deeply knowledge could help to prevent disease occurrence. The ongoing researches include elephant tuberculosis, elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus, elephant reproductive-related diseases etc. We also provide the laboratory test for detecting some important diseases such as tuberculosis, herpesvirus, brucellosis etc. Moreover, necrospy for identified the cause of the death is provided as well.

Collaboration of:

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University
  • Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University
  • Faculty of Dentistry, Chiang Mai University
  • Faculty of Associated Medical Science, Chiang Mai University
  • National Elephant Institue, Lampang
  • Department of Livestock Development
  • Zoological Park Organisation, Thailand