Elephant vet moblie clinic is a project that aims to provide a health service to elephants, even in remote area. Not only health service that we provide, we also provide reproduction-related services such as estrous detection, pregnancy test, semen evaluation etc. The main propose of this service is to improve their health and welfare which could led to population sustainable in the future.

Annually, our elephant vet mobile clinic co-operate with Elephant Tresure Foundation and National Elephant Institiue, provide health service to elephant in remote area of all provinces in Northern part of Thailand. Moreover, we are also working with DLD to provide annual health check to elephant in Chiang Mai.

Additionally, elephant vet moblie clinic works on demand by elephant camp occasionally espacially in an emergency case such as colic, diarrhea, dystocia etc. Moerover, we plan to visit elephant camp routeinly 2 times/week to provide an education about how to improve their management for better elephant living in captivity.

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